Baal Kaand Chaupai English translation


1.21  समुझत सरिस नाम अरु नामी
1.22 नाम जीहँ जपि जागहिं जोगी।
1.23 अगुन सगुन दुइ ब्रह्म सरूपा।
1.24 राम भगत हित नर तनु धारी।
1.25  राम सुकंठ बिभीषन दोऊ।

1.21- Chaupai

समुझत सरिस नाम अरु नामी। प्रीति परसपर प्रभु अनुगामी।।
नाम रूप दुइ ईस उपाधी। अकथ अनादि सुसामुझि साधी।।

Apparently the name and the person with the name are same , but actually they are related to each other like owner and servant. ShriRam  always follows his name( i.e wherever his name is chanted he reaches there). Name(of Rama) and  appearance(of Rama) – both are the degrees of God, both are indescribable, eternal and they can be seen only through true wisdom.

को बड़ छोट कहत अपराधू। सुनि गुन भेद समुझिहहिं साधू।।
देखिअहिं रूप नाम आधीना। रूप ग्यान नहिं नाम बिहीना।।

It would be a sin to find who is greater among the name of Rama and his personality. Wise people can themselves understand this by seeing the coordination between the two. Personality is always under the influence of name. Personality cannot be determined without the name.

रूप बिसेष नाम बिनु जानें। करतल गत न परहिं पहिचानें।।
सुमिरिअ नाम रूप बिनु देखें। आवत हृदयँ सनेह बिसेषें।।

Without knowing the name of an object it cannot be identified even if kept on ones palm.However , one can experience the appearance of object by reciting its name .

नाम रूप गति अकथ कहानी। समुझत सुखद न परति बखानी।।
अगुन सगुन बिच नाम सुसाखी। उभय प्रबोधक चतुर दुभाषी।।

The story of the significance of name and personality is indescribable. They are joy-bringing when recited or experienced , but actually cant be expressed. Name is a beautiful witness between form(Saguna) and formless(Nirguna) , and a clever interpreter of both .

1.21- Doha

 राम नाम मनिदीप धरु जीह देहरी द्वार।
तुलसी भीतर बाहेरहुँ जौं चाहसि उजिआर।।21।।

Tulsidas says that if you want your soul and your surrounding to be filled with light of knowledge , then keep the gem of Ram Naam on the tongue of your mouth.

1.22- Chaupai

नाम जीहँ जपि जागहिं जोगी। बिरति बिरंचि प्रपंच बियोगी।।
ब्रह्मसुखहि अनुभवहिं अनूपा। अकथ अनामय नाम न रूपा।।

 After getting freed from the illusionary world created by Brahma, enlightened saints recites the name of Rama and experience the inexpressible divine joy of salvation.

जाना चहहिं गूढ़ गति जेऊ। नाम जीहँ जपि जानहिं तेऊ।।
साधक नाम जपहिं लय लाएँ। होहिं सिद्ध अनिमादिक पाएँ।।

Those who want to know the hidden secrets of God and this universe also, attains the secrets by  reciting this name . Those who want to possess the eight Siddhis, attains them by reciting the same name with a flame.

जपहिं नामु जन आरत भारी। मिटहिं कुसंकट होहिं सुखारी।।
राम भगत जग चारि प्रकारा। सुकृती चारिउ अनघ उदारा।।

Ram Naam removes the obsatacles of Devotees who are frightened of difficulties.  Their are four types of Rama-devotees in this world, and all four of them are humble, sinless and enlightened souls.

1.22- Doha

सकल कामना हीन जे राम भगति रस लीन।
नाम सुप्रेम पियूष हद तिन्हहुँ किए मन मीन।।22।।

Those who are free of all types of desires ( even the desire for Salvation) are always involved in the service of Shri Ram. They lives in the blissful state of love for Ram and dont want to get separated from it ever.

1.23- Chaupai

अगुन सगुन दुइ ब्रह्म सरूपा। अकथ अगाध अनादि अनूपा।।
मोरें मत बड़ नामु दुहू तें। किए जेहिं जुग निज बस निज बूतें।।

Nirguna and Saguna are two forms of Brahmana. Both are indescribable ,eternal and incomparable. In my view , the name of Ram is greater than both of these, and both of these forms are under the influence of Ram-Naam.

प्रोढ़ि सुजन जनि जानहिं जन की। कहउँ प्रतीति प्रीति रुचि मन की।।
एकु दारुगत देखिअ एकू। पावक सम जुग ब्रह्म बिबेकू।।

Readers should not consider these words on mine as mere exaggeration. Tulsidas says “According to me , Nirguna and Saguna are like Agni(fire). Nirguna is like the hidden fire inside a wooden piece, and Saguna is the fire which can be seen when the piece is burnt. Both are same but appears to be different.

उभय अगम जुग सुगम नाम तें। कहेउँ नामु बड़ ब्रह्म राम तें।।
ब्यापकु एकु ब्रह्म अबिनासी। सत चेतन धन आनँद रासी।।

Both of these form are difficult to understand , but becomes easy when named. Considering this, I place the name of Ram above NirgunaBrahma and Saguna(Ram himself). Brahma is omnipresent, universal and indestructible, it is the treasure of  pure consciousness and joy.

अस प्रभु हृदयँ अछत अबिकारी। सकल जीव जग दीन दुखारी।।
नाम निरूपन नाम जतन तें। सोउ प्रगटत जिमि मोल रतन तें।।

Despite of residing in the heart of Brahma , all living entities are ignorant of the power of eternal form of Brahma and  thus unhappy . By reciting the name of Rama, one can know the power of Brahma , just like the cost of a gem can be known ,once it is identified. 

1.23- Doha

 निरगुन तें एहि भाँति बड़ नाम प्रभाउ अपार।
कहउँ नामु बड़ राम तें निज बिचार अनुसार।।23।

In this way the effect of Ram- Naam is much greater than Nirguna. Now i say according to my opinion, that Ram- Naam is also greater than Ram himself.

1.24- Chaupai

राम भगत हित नर तनु धारी। सहि संकट किए साधु सुखारी।।
नामु सप्रेम जपत अनयासा। भगत होहिं मुद मंगल बासा।।

For the benefit of his devotees, Lord Ram manifested in a human form. He faced difficulties throughout his life but filled the world with joy. However, we as devotees can become joyful just by chanting his name.

राम एक तापस तिय तारी। नाम कोटि खल कुमति सुधारी।।
रिषि हित राम सुकेतुसुता की। सहित सेन सुत कीन्ह बिबाकी।।

Shri Ram granted Moksha to just one women (Ahilya) , but his name has cured the ignorant minds of billions of people. For helping Rishi Vishwamitra , Rama killed Tarika (daughter of Suketu) and Subahu. 

सहित दोष दुख दास दुरासा। दलइ नामु जिमि रबि निसि नासा।।
भंजेउ राम आपु भव चापू। भव भय भंजन नाम प्रतापू।।

But his name has destroyed the sins and fear of his devotees just like the light of sun destroys darkness. 
Shri Ramji only broke the bow of Shiva, but the strength of his name breaks all bounds of fears in the world.

दंडक बनु प्रभु कीन्ह सुहावन। जन मन अमित नाम किए पावन।।।
निसिचर निकर दले रघुनंदन। नामु सकल कलि कलुष निकंदन।।

 Shri Ram has just made the dangerous Dandak forest delightful, but his name has changed the corrupted minds of crores of people to pure ones.
Ram killed the group of demons, but his name is the destroyer of all sins of kaliyuga.

1.24- Doha

सबरी गीध सुसेवकनि सुगति दीन्हि रघुनाथ।
नाम उधारे अमित खल बेद बिदित गुन गाथ।।24।।

Shri Ram has granted Moksha to just Shabri, jatayu etc but his name has granted salvation to countless number of devotees.

1.25- Chaupai

राम सुकंठ बिभीषन दोऊ। राखे सरन जान सबु कोऊ।।
नाम गरीब अनेक नेवाजे। लोक बेद बर बिरिद बिराजे।।

Shri ram kept only Surgriva and Vibheesan as refugees, but his name has bestowed mercy on countless number of poor people. The glory of his name is specially mentioned in the Vedas.

राम भालु कपि कटकु बटोरा। सेतु हेतु श्रमु कीन्ह न थोरा।।
नामु लेत भवसिंधु सुखाहीं। करहु बिचारु सुजन मन माहीं।।

Shri Ram collected the army of Vanaras and bears and performed no hardwork for building the bridge (Ramsetu), but by reciting his name the world and ocean dries up. Now readers, think by yourself who is greater among the two.

राम सकुल रन रावनु मारा। सीय सहित निज पुर पगु धारा।।
राजा रामु अवध रजधानी। गावत गुन सुर मुनि बर बानी।।

Shri Ram killed the clan of Ravan in the war and returned Ayodhya.He was worshipped by Gods and saints sang his glories in beautiful voice. 

सेवक सुमिरत नामु सप्रीती। बिनु श्रम प्रबल मोह दलु जीती।।
फिरत सनेहँ मगन सुख अपनें। नाम प्रसाद सोच नहिं सपनें।।

However, devotees conquer the clan of attachments and enjoys the bliss just by reciting the name of Rama. They are not troubled by anything even in their dreams.

1.25- Doha

ब्रह्म राम तें नामु बड़ बर दायक बर दानि।
रामचरित सत कोटि महँ लिय महेस जियँ जानि।।25।।

In this way Ram naam is greater than both Saguna and Nirguna. It grants boon to boon givers like Brahma ,Vishnu and Shiva. 
Considering this , Shivji has chosen the name of Ram out of his 100 crore qualities for recitation.

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