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Maryada Purushottam Ram

Shree Ramchandra Lord Rama ,also called Shri Ramchandra was the legendary king of Ayodhya, the eldest son of king Dasrath and Kaushalya. He is the warrior hero of the one of the longest and legendary Hindu epic Ramayana. Rama is the seventh incarnation of Narayana(Vishnu),born to kill the demon king – Lankapati Ravana.Lord Rama is …

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Lord Hanuman- The living legend

LORD HANUMAN Hanuman is the Hindu god of wisdom,courage,strength ,devotion and self discipline. He is one of the central character of hindu epic Ramayana.Hanuman is one among the eight Chiranjeevis(immortals) known for his unmatched devotion for Rama. Other than Ramayana Hanuman is also mentioned in Puranas and Mahabharata. He is known by many names like …

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Chitrakoot and Ram

ChitrakootChitrakoot is a city and a pilgrimage center in the Satna district of Madhya Pradesh,India. It is considered as the abode of Lord Ram, his spouse Sitaji and his brother Lakshman during their exile for about eleven years and a half. The city possess a serenic beauty and is capable of purifying human mind and …

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Qualities of Lord Rama

In Baal Kand when ascetic Valmiki enquires Narada about a man who was truly virtuous in his character and who possessed inconcievable qualities , then sage Narada tells him about the story of Lord Rama . He describes the divine physical qualities of Rama , about his personality , his appearance and how no one …

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Seven Kaand Of Valmiki Ramayana

Contents: Baal Kaand Ayodhya kaand Aranya Kaand Kishkindha Kaand Sundar Kaand Yuddha Kaand Uttar Kaand Seven Kaands of Ramayan Ramayana is one of the most authentic and most popular religious text in Hinduism .It is one of the lengthiest ancient epic and consists of nearly 24000 verses(written in Anustubh meter), divided into seven Kandas, the …

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Strength of Lord Rama

Lord Rama Lord Ram is the most ferocious warrior ever born , his archery skills are unmatched in the three worlds. He possessed immense strength and his arrows were so fast that they could not be seen through eyes. It could only be observed when the target got pierced to pieces. Here are some examples …

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