Damodarstotram-Lyrics and Meaning

Written by – Bilwamangala Thakur , a famous Vaishnava saint

Damodarstrotam describes the qualities of Lord Krishna . It describes the incidents of his life and his divine qualities . Devotees recites this strotra in praise of Krishna . Filled with pure love and ecstasy , it is one of the most pleasant strotra.

1.करारविन्देन पदारविन्दं मुखारविन्दे विनिवेशयन्तम्।

वटस्य पत्रस्य पुटे शयानं बालं मुकुन्दं मनसा स्मरामि।।

The one who has kept his lotus like feet inside his lotus like mouth with his lotus like hand (in the form of a baby), i think of Baal Mukund , sho sleeps on the leaves of banyan tree (Vata patra) .

2. विक्रेतुकामाखिलगोपकन्या मुरारिपादार्पितचित्तवृत्ति:।

दध्यादिकं मोहवशादवोचद् गोविन्द दामोदर माधवेति।।

Though desiring to sell milk , dahi , butter etc , the mind of a young gopi was so absorbed in the lotus feet of Krishna that instead of calling out milk for sale ,she bewilderily said Govind ,Madhava , and Keshava.

3. गृहे गृहे गोपवधूकदम्बा: सर्वे मिलित्वा समवाप्य योगम्।

पुण्यानि नामानि पठन्ति नित्यं गोविन्द दामोदर माधवेति।।

In house after house ,groups of gopis gather on various occasions , and together they always chant the transcendental names of Krishna : govind , damodar and madhava .

4. सुखं शयाना निलये निजेऽपि नामानि विष्णो: प्रवदन्ति मर्त्या:।

ते निश्चितं तन्मयतां व्रजन्ति गोविन्द दामोदर माधवेति।।

Even pleasantly lying down in a room , those men who repeats the names of Lord Vishnu ,would attain a form similar to a you , Oh Madahav !

5. जिह्वे सदैवं भज सुन्दराणि नामानि कृष्णस्य मनोहराणि।

समस्त भक्तार्तिविनाशनानि गोविन्द दामोदर माधवेति।।

O my tongue always worship these beautiful, enchanting names of Krishna ,which destroys all the difficulties in the lives of devotees.

6.सुखावसाने इदमेव सारं दु:खावसाने इदमेव ज्ञेयम्।

देहावसाने इदमेव जाप्यं गोविन्द दामोदर माधवेति।।

Indeed this is the essence found upon ceasing the affairs of mundane happiness . And this too is to be sung after the cessation of all suffering .This alone is to be chanted at the time of death of ones of material body ,Govind , Dmaodar and Madhav .

7. श्रीकृष्ण राधावर गोकुलेश गोपाल गोवर्धननाथ विष्णो।

जिह्वे पिवस्वामृतमेतदेव गोविन्द दामोदर माधवेति।।

O tongue ,utter only these nectarean names ,Shri Krishna ,dearmost of Shri Radha ,Lord of Gokul , gopala ,Lord of govardhan , Vishnu ,Govind , damodar and Madhava.

8.त्वामेव याचे मम देहि जिह्वे समागते दण्डधरे कृतान्ते।

वक्तव्यमेवं मधुरं सुभक्त्या गोविन्द दामोदर माधवेति।

O my tongue, I ask only this , that upon my meeting the bearer of the scepter of chastisement , you will utter these sweet phrase with great devotion : Govind ,Damodara and Madhava.

9. जिह्वे रसज्ञे मधुर प्रिया त्वं सत्यं हितं त्वां परमं वदामि।

आवर्णयेथा मधुराक्षराणि गोविन्द दामोदर माधवेति।।

O my tongue , you are fond of sweet things and are of discriminating taste, I tell you the highest truth ,which is also the most beneficial . Please just recite these sweet syllables: Govind , Damodar and Madhav.

When the universe is at the end and everything is under water , then there appears a baby floating on the leaves of banyan tree , who is the almighty Narayana , in the form of Krishna. This is witnessed by sage Markandeya. The scene is truly horrific as every living creature in the universe is helplessly annihilated.

It is to signify that Lord Krishna is the only creator of universes and when the right time arrives he himself accumulate the universe within himself.

Jai Shree Krishna!

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