Nine forms of Durga


The term Navaratri basically means nine nights. Navaratri is the time in the year when we get to experience inner rest and mental peace through fasting meditation and prayers. Connecting with the divine feminine during this period of time invokes positive quality within us.

Significance of Navratri

Devi is worshipped in nine forms known as Navadurga. The significance of each day is attached to a particular form of the divine mother.


On the first day Devi Shailaputri is worshipped .Shaila means something extraordinary or rising to great heights.In this form Devi Parvati is revered as the daughter of Himalaya Raja .On this day we worship Devi Shailaputri so that she may also grant us the highest level of consciousness.


Brahmacharini is the form of Maa Parvati in which she performed severe penance to have Lord Shiva as her consort.Brahma means the divine consciousness and aachaar refers to a behaviour.This days is best for meditative practice and to understand our inner consciousness.


Chandraghanta is the special form of Devi Parvati which she took during her marriage with Lord Shiva.Chandra means the moon , and ghanta means a bell which produces a same sound everytime .This signifies that we should withdraw our mind from all the materialistic desires and concentrate on the divine mother.


 Ku means little, ushma means energy and anda refers to egg. The entire universe is produced from the infinitesimal energy of Devi. On this day, we worship Devi Kushmanda who showers us with Her divine energy.


Skandamata means mother of Skanda.In this form devi is worshipped as mother of Kartikeya.She represens the feeling of Vatsalya(motherly affection)Worshiping this form of Devi brings abundance of wisdom, wealth, power, prosperity and liberation.


Katyayani is the form of mother that is assumed to annihilate the demonaic forces in the universe.She is the one who slayed Mahishashura.As per our scriptures,anger that supports the Dharma is acceptable.She is the anger that arises to restore the balance and protect dharma .Devi is worshipped on the sixth day to remove all the obstacles on our spiritual path.


Devi Kalaratri is the fierce form of devi.Kalaratri represents the dark nightIt is only at night that we get a glimpse of infinity in the skies. Devi Kalaratri is that infinite dark energy that houses innumerable universes.


Mahagauri is the one that is beautiful , divine, gives power and provides freedom in life.Mahagauri represent the beautiful and serene aspects of our life.She is the liberating energy.So devotee worship her on the eighth day.


Siddhi means perfection in a skill.Devi Siddhidatri brings perfection in life.She makes the impossible possible.She is the one who allow us to explore our real capabilities.

There are 64 impulses which govern the subtle creation. These are responsible for restoring all earthly and spiritual benefits. They are simply part of one’s awakened consciousness. These nine nights are celebrated to rekindle those divine impulses and celebrate the innermost depth of our lives.


As said by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Founder of The Art of Living

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