Qualities of Lord Rama

In Baal Kand when ascetic Valmiki enquires Narada about a man who was truly virtuous in his character and who possessed inconcievable qualities , then sage Narada tells him about the story of Lord Rama .

He describes the divine physical qualities of Rama , about his personality , his appearance and how no one could possess a character which is more superior than Rama.

Here are the qualities of Lord Rama as described by Narada:-

इक्ष्वाकुवंशप्रभवो रामो नाम जनैश्श्रुत: ।

नियतात्मा महावीर्यो द्युतिमान्धृतिमान् वशी ।।1.1.8।।

People have heard his name as Rama, who was born in the race of king Ikshvaku,
having steady nature, possessing incomprehensible prowess, selfeffulgent, selfcommanding and subjecting senses under his control.

बुद्धिमान्नीतिमान्वाग्मी श्रीमान् शत्रुनिबर्हण: ।

विपुलांसो महाबाहु: कम्बुग्रीवो महाहनु: ।।1.1.9।।

He (Sri Rama) is a great intellectual, adherent to rules, eloquent, handsome, destroyer of foes (sins), broadshouldered, strongarmed, having conchshaped neck and prominent cheeks.

महोरस्को महेष्वासो गूढजत्रुररिन्दमः ।

आजानुबाहुस्सुशिरास्सुललाटस्सुविक्रमः ।।1.1.10।।

Possessing a broad chest, armed with a great bow, with fleshy collar bones, knee-long arms, a noble head, a graceful forehead and great prowess, he is the destroyer of foes (sins).

समस्समविभक्ताङ्गस्स्निग्धवर्ण: प्रतापवान् ।

पीनवक्षा विशालाक्षो लक्ष्मीवान् शुभलक्षणः ।। 1.1.11।।

Mighty and powerful, he has a well proportioned body, neither tall nor short, shining complexion, well developed chest, large eyes, lustrous body and good qualities.

धर्मज्ञस्सत्यसन्धश्च प्रजानां च हिते रतः ।

यशस्वी ज्ञानसम्पन्नश्शुचिर्वश्यस्समाधिमान् ।।1.1.12।।

Pious, firm in his vows, he is ever intent on doing good to his subjects. He is, illustrious, wise, and pure at heart. He is obedient to elders (or accessible to those who are dependent on him) and ever meditating (on the means of protecting those who take refuge in him).

प्रजापतिसमश्श्रीमान् धाता रिपुनिषूदनः ।

रक्षिता जीवलोकस्य धर्मस्य परिरक्षिता ।।1.1.13।।

Auspicious like Brahma, Sri Rama is the sustainer of this world, destroyer of enemies and protector of all living beings and of the moral code.

सर्वशास्त्रार्थतत्त्वज्ञस्स्मृतिमान्प्रतिभानवान् ।

सर्वलोकप्रियस्साधुरदीनात्मा विचक्षणः ।।1.1.15।

Sri Rama knows the true meaning of all scriptures and has a retentive memory. He is talented (possessing brightness of conception). He is beloved and well disposed towards all people (and courteous even towards those who have done him harm). He has an unperturbed mind (even in times of extreme grief) and is circumspect (in doing right things at the right time).

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