Vishwaroop of Krishna

Vishwaroop (Viraat Roop)

Vishwaroop or Virat roop is the iconographical representation where everything is a part of the body of Narayana. It shows all the realm of creation and destruction within itself . It is the divine form of Lord Krishna which can hardly be seen by anyone and requires divine vision .

In chapter 10 and 11 , the description of this Virat Roop of Krishna is provided when Arjuna sees this form on the mercy of Krishna .When Arjuna witness this form his body begins to tremble with fear and he request Krishna to return back to his human form . This universal form of Lord is witnessed only by few specific people in the entire epic of Mahabharata.

The description of this form of Krishna is mentioned below:

Arjuna says to Krishna ,”O Supreme Lord ,I desire to see your divine form. If you think it is possible for me to see this ,then please show me your imperishable self .”

Krishna replies :

Behold Arjuna my forms , a hundred fold a thousand fold,various divine and of various colors and shapes.
Behold the Adityas ,the Vasus ,the Rudras and the two Asvins ,the Maruts too .
Many wonder which are unseen before Behold Arjuna!
Behold now the entire universe,with everything moving and not moving 
Standing together here in my body ,Arjuna ,and whatever else you desire to see .
But you cannot see me with your own eyes ,i would give you a divine vision ,behold my majestic power 

Having said this Krishna reveals his supreme form to Arjuna .Now Sanjay describes the majestic supreme form ,which he could see with the divine vision granted to him by Ved Vyasa and reveals it to Dhritrastra :

Of many mouths and eyes ,of many wonderous aspects ,Of many divine ornaments ,of many uplifted divine weapons.
Wearing divine garlands and apparel ,with divine perfumes and ointments .Made up of all marvels, the resplendent Lord , endless ,facing in all directions. If a thousand sun should rise all at once in the sky ,such splendor would match the splendor of that great being .

Then Arjuna ,who was filled with amazement ,whose hair were standing on the end bowing his head down to the divine being says “

I see the gods ,O God ,in your body and all kinds of being assembled .Lord Brahma on his lotus seat ,and all the seers and divine serpents 
I see you everywhere ,infinite in the form ,with many arms ,bellies ,faces and eyes .
Not the end,nor the middle ,nor yet the beginning of you do I see ,Lord of all whose form is the universe.
Crowned, armed with a club and bearing a discus , a mass of splendor ,shining on all sides .
With the immeasurable radiance of the sun and blazing fire ,I see you ,who are difficult to behold .
With infinite power ,with innumerable arms ,the moon and the sun being your eyes ,your face is burning all the universe through its radiance .
Seeing your marvelous and terrible form the three world trembles ,o Lord .

Seeing this divine form of Krishna ,Arjuna begins to tremble and says :

Having seen you I tremble indeed in my heart ,and i find neither courage nor tranquility ,O Vishnu. 
I lose my sense of direction and i find no comfort .

The most important verses are when Arjuna describes how everyone in the Kauravas is already destroyed by the Lord and he is just an object to carry out the task.The death of Kauravas army was already accomplished by Lord in his divine form .This shows that everything is predestined and we are just the objects bound to the fruits of our actions,and we can just accomplish the task whose results are already decided by the Supreme Soul.

And entering into you all sons of Dhritarashtra along with the throngs of kings .Bhisma ,Drona ,Karna, the son of charioteers and also our chief warriors are quickly entering your fearful mouth ,they are seen getting smashed ,clinging between your teeth .

Now Arjuna asks Krishna to comprehend the divine form ,and Krishna says “

I am time,the mighty cause of the destruction of world . Even without any action of yours ,these warriors who are arrayed in the opposing ranks ,shall cease to exist .Therefore stand up and attain glory .Conquer the enemy and enjoy prosperous kingship .

Having heard these words of Krishna Arjuna with joined palms ,trembling ,thus spoke in a choke voice :

You are the primal God ,the ancient spirit .You are the supreme resting place of entire universe .
Please behold your divine majestic form and return back to your transcendental human form ,O Madhava. 

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