Weapons used in Kurukshetra war

War of Kurukshetra

It is stated that in the 18 days of the Kurukshetra war, nearly 1.6 billion people laid down their lives. If this really happened then there would be some extraordinary forces involved which led to this mass destruction.There were two types of weapon Astra and Sastra . Astra were one which were fired in air and Sastra were used to fight without firing, like mace was a sastra.

Here is a list of the most deadly weapon used in Mahabharata:-

1.Narayan Astra

This Astra directly belongs to Lord Narayana .Narayana astra has the ability to fire thousands of deadly missiles at a time which could burn the target to ashes. It was used by Karna against Arjuna , but Shree Krishna took the entire effect on himself and thus Arjuna was left unscratched. But , there is a challenge to use it as you can use the weapon only once in a lifetime.


This weapon has its significance in many religous texts and even in Ramayana. It is considered as a deadlier weapon compared to its counterparts. But, there are certain restrictions to use this Astra. Only when every resource of a warrior has been completed, for the benefit of mankind can one use this Astra. The specific target will face total destruction.Brahmastra can be compared to modern days hydrogen bomb.


3.Brahmashirsha Astra

As per the ancient religious texts, the weapon is assumed to be four times the power of Brahmastra. In fact, it gets its name from Lord Brahma, the creator. It is assumed that it holds the power of Lord Brahma’s four heads at the tip. The destruction due to this weapon is similar to five times that of hydrogen bomb or thermonuclear hydrogen bomb.

4.Bhargava Astra

This is one of the most dangerous ones. It is stated that if this weapon is used against the target the world will perish without leaving even the ashes . There will be mass destruction and everything would get destroyed to minute particles .This weapon could make the water of ocean to boil to vapours and the mountains to fly in the sky!!

5.Pasupati Astra

Pashupatiastra is considered one of the destructive weapons in the quivers of Lord Shiva and Adiparashakthi.It could be discharged through eyes, mind , words or a bow.Indra suggested Arjuna to attain this weapon from Lord Shiva , and Arjuna after severe penance and a deadly fight with Shiva attained it. There is a separate story attached to this.


No matter what critics say but it is completely sure that there existed a highly advanced science which could make all this possible . This science is long lost as the Guru Shishya system perished and the world moved on to advancements.

Another important point to be mentioned is that although there is no limit of creating powerful weapons , but the most important one is the weapon of Dharma , because Lord Hari is always with the ones who follows Dharma . No matter how powerful weapons the Kauravas possessed or how strong were the opponents against Pandavas. The victory always belongs to truthful and religious ones. All the materialistic things like weapons, large army , cunning traitors were nothing but just an illusionary energy of Krishna . Arjuna realised this and chose Krishna alone, that too as a charioter against the mighty Narayani Sena .

Pandavas understood that where there is rightousness there is Lord ,and where there is Lord victory is always promised.

Hare Krishna!!!!

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