Biography of Kabir Das


Sant Kabirdas was a Indian mystic poet and saint born in fifteenth century ,in the holy city of Varanasi,Uttar pradesh. His writings influenced Hinduism Bhakti movement ,criticising the meaningless and wrong practices in the religions prevalent during that time in India mainly in Hinduism and Islam.

According to Kabirdas person who is always on the path of righteousness ,who is envious of none and loves everyone equally , is always supported by the supreme energy.According to him there is a single supreme truth which is presented by different religions in the different way, still it is known only to a few. Kabir’s writing are simple but they contains deep truth hidden in their meaning.

Early Life of Kabirdas

Sant Kabirdas was born in 1398, on the full moon day of Jyestha month at the auspicious period of Brahmamuhurta.It is believed that he was not born from a mother’s womb and he directly incarnated from Satlok( the supreme place which is free from materialistic illusions) on a lotus flower. Most of the Islamic and Hindu describes him as a disciple of Ramananda, who was known for devotional Vaishnavism following the Advaita philosophy.Kabir is strongly associated with the holy city of Kashi.


Kabir never linked his ideas to a particular religion or tradition . He criticised everything that was wrong from whichever religion.Kabir describes that the most important forces are love and truth . Even if a person is filled with spiritual knowledge , if one is not righteous in his actions , he cannot attain the timeless truth.

That one who resides with all beings, not as body but that which sustains breath is known as Kabir, the true Satguru.

Kabirdas describes his Satlok as a place where only love and truth exist, where everything is permanent , where there is no sun and no moon , no water and no air. If someone attains this place he is freed from the cycle of birth and death , he is freed from the worldly illusions .Kabir in his poetry influence people to stop worshiping avatars as the only supreme energy . He asks people to consider all living being as the manifestation of the supreme one.

The ideological messages of Kabir were more from the perspective of poor and powerless rather than rich and powerful. There are many mystical stories associated with him, a few of them are described below:

1.He was not born from a women.

In one of his verses he says “I descended on this earth from an unknown place and none could recognise my real identity. Without remaining in the womb of the mother I appeared as a child. A weaver found me in the Lahartara pond at Kashi. I have neither anywife nor any other relation. My Name ceremony was performed in the home of Neeru—the weaver. It made me a laughing stock. My abode is in Amarlok and I have come as per the desire of Param Purush to liberate the jivas from the grip of Kal and to take them to their real abode—the Amarlok.”

2.He comes in every yuga 

It is believed that he came in Satyayuga as Satkurut , in Treta yuga he became famous in the world by the name, Munindra ji, In Dwaparyug Param purush again summoned Sahib, asked him to go to the mortal world and save the Jivas from Kaal Purush, as he was harassing, and torturing the beings, then he was known as ‘Karunamay. King Batkheter and KingHarchand,Viksi Rishi Parashar, Vasishta, Durvasa, Shringi, Garuda, Hanuman, Mandodari, Vibhushan, Lakhmanking Chander Vijay and his wife Indumati, king Yudhishter, King Dhundhul, Paras Dass Hari Dass Supuch, Shuk Dev, Vidur, King Bhoj, king Muchkund, King Chanderhas and many others attained Amarlok. He made many Satgurus, they released and sent many Souls from world, Many religious leaders use his wise wisdom in their discourses.

Here are a few of Kabirdas most relevant and insightful verses:

1.Bura jo dekhan main chala, bura na milya koy
Jo mann khoja aapna, mujhse bura naa koy
Translation: I searched the world for evil and bad people. But after introspection, I realized – a lot of evil resides in me as well.

2.Guru Hain Badey Gobind Se|, Mann Mein Dekh Vichaar||.
Hari Sumrey Soh Vaar Hai|, Guru Sumrey Soh Paar||.
Satguru Kabir says that as per the ideology of Sant Mat, “Guru is greater than Supreme Lord”. Just think over it. Meditating directly onto Supreme Lord will not provide any help or protection to a being, whereas meditating onto a true Satguru will provide all the help and protection to a being while living in this mortal world and will also provide permanent salvation.

3.Barha hua to kya hua,
Jaise ped khajur, 
Panthi ko chhaya nahi , 
Fal laage ati door
Big as it may be, the dates tree is useless, it does not  shade a passerby from the sunlight , and its fruit lies far away from reach.

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