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Mirabai is famous for her matchless devotion for Shree Krishna . In her life she had to face criticism and hostility from her own family,she is also linked to some mystical incidents .Her life actual story is still debated but what was passed orally through generation is believed to be true.The oldest biographical account was Priyadas’s commentary in Nabhadas’ Sri Bhaktammal in 1712.

Early Life

Mirabai was born around the start of sixteenth century in the Chaukari village of Merta , Rajasthan.Her father name was Ratan Singh,When Mirabai was just three yeats old,a wandering Sadhu came to her house and gave a idol to Mirabai father . When she saw that idol she became deeply enamoured with this depiction of Lord Krishna at the first sight.She could see the real presence of Krishna in the idol. She at the very moment decided to make Krishna her friend, lover , husband and everything. and throughout her life she never wavered from her commitent .

Once when Mira was young , there was a wedding procession going down the street ,seeing it Mira asked her mother “Who will be my husband?”. Her mother answered in half seriousness ” You already have a husband , Krishna.”Mira’s mother was aware of her growing love towards Krishna but she passed away when Mira was young.

At an early age Mira was married to Prince Bhoj Raj who was the eldest son of Maharaja Rana Sanga of Chittor.She served her husband dutifully, but in the evening she would spend her time in devotion and singing to her beloved Sri Krishna. While singing devotional bhajans, she would frequently lose awareness of the world, entering into states of ecstasy and trance.

Criticism and conflicts with family

Her family did not approve of her devotion for Krishna and Mira also refused to worship their family deity ‘Devi Durga’ as she had already committed herself to Shree Krishna. Udabai who was her sister in law started to spread false rumours about Mira’s character.Throughout all the unfortunate incidents Mira’s devotion and love for Krishna was changeless and her faith was unshaken by praises and criticism of the world.

Mirabai was very famous throughout the regioun for her saintly features , and this news was heard by Akbar . He desired to see Mirabai, the saint , and the princess . He disguised himself as a beggar to meet Meera. When he heard the spiritual songs of Meera he was deeply moved and as a present he offered a precious necklace on Mira’s feet.When Bhoj Raj came to knew about this she was filled with anger and asked Meera to drown in a river .

Meera followed but when she was entering the river Krishna appeared before her and asked her to leave for Vrindavan . Her husband realised his mistake and asked her to return . Meera returned but soon her husband passed away in a battle against Mughals.After this incident she was always tortured by her family and her life became hellish . With the advise of many saints and pujaaris of temples Meera managed to escape to Vrindavan, where she could worship Krishna freely.She often considered herself as the Gopi of Vrindavan, with her heart filled only with pure love for Krishna.

“Mira wafted the fragrance of devotion far and wide. Those who came in contact with her were affected by her strong current of Prem. Mira was like Lord Gauranga. She was an embodiment of love and innocence. Her heart was the temple of devotion. Her face was the lotus-flower of Prem. There was kindness in her look, love in her talk, joy in her discourses, power in her speech and fervour in her songs.” -said Swami Vivekananda.

In one of her poem Mirabai says

“My Beloved dwells in my heart,
I have actually seen that Abode of Joy.
Mira’s Lord is Hari, the Indestructible.
My Lord, I have taken refuge with Thee,
Thy slave.”

It is said in her death she melted into the heart of Krishna. Tradition relates how one day she was singing in a temple when Sri Krishna appeared in his subtle form. Sri Krishna was so pleased with his dearest devotee that he opened up his heart centre, and Mirabai entered leaving her body while in the highest state of Krishna consciousness.

Mirabai was a devotee of high , higher,highest order.Among the saints of India she is completely unparallaled.Her poems and composition describes the depth of her love for Krishna.She composed many, many bhajans, which are prayerful songs to God. Each song Mirabai wrote expressed her inspiration, aspiration and sleepless self-giving.

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