Mysteries of Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash

In Hinduism ,Mount Kailash is traditionally recognized as the abode of Shiva ,who resides there along with his consort Parvati ,his children Ganesh and Kartikeya and his beloved vahana Nandi.

Kailash mountain is sacred to four religions Hinduism ,Bon , Buddhism and Jainism.


  • Considered as the abode of Shiva and Parvati.
  • When Ravana attempted to uproot Mount Kailash as a retaliation to Shiva , the latter pressed his toe on the mountain and Ravana was trapped in between .During this even Ravana wrote the ‘Shiva Tandav Strotram‘.
  • When Pandavas were leaving for heaven they moved towards Kailash as it is the gateway of heaven ,it is the link between the human world and the divine world.
  • In one of the description of Vishnu Purana it is said that the mountain is the pillar of the world and is located at the heart of six mountain ranges symbolizing a lotus.

2. Jainism

  • According to Jain tradition it is the site where first Teerthankar Rishabadeva attained Moksha .
  • It is believed that Mahavira Swami ,just after his birth was taken to the summit of Meru(a mountain peak in Garhwal Himalyas ,Uttarakhand) by Indra , bathed and anointed with precious unctions.


  • Mount Kailash is called Mount Meru in Buddhist text. It is one of the major pilgrimage site for Buddhists.
  • Kailash is believed to be the abode of Buddha by the Vajrayana Buddhists.


1.Time Travel– People who have visited the mountain claimed that they have noticed a rapid growth of their hair and nails .The mountain air contributes to the rapid growth process .

2.Regular change in postition– Only one person named Milarepa ,who was a Tibetan Buddhist monk ,was capable of reaching at the top of the peak as the peaks change their positions and tends to block the passage .When someone tries to climb it ,he either faces bad weather conditions or any other natural calamities just after he starts the trekking.

2.Presence to two unique lakes– The Kailash mountain is present near to the two unique lakes called Mansarovar and Rakastal ,which are contrary to each other . While Mansarovar is a freshwater lake ,at the same time Rakastal is a saltwater lake ,even though they are present close to each other .Manasarovar has a round shape which resembles the sun and Rakshas Tal takes the shape of the crescent moon.The two lakes represent the positive and the negative energies .

3.Man made pyramid– Some scientists believe that Kailash is way too perfect and symmetrical to be a natural occurrence .The peak resembles a cathedral which gives it a look of a man made pyramid.

4.Formation of Swastik and Om Parvat-

When the sun is setting, the mountain is said to cast a shadow, which has a striking resemblance to religious symbol of Swastika, which is considered as an auspicious sign amongst the Hindus. Om Parvat is yet another unsolved mystery which is fascinating, as the snow falls on the peak and takes the shape of OM.

5. Link between heaven and earth –According to the religious scriptures of Hinduism Kailash is the link between heaven and earth. It is the place where natural and supernatural energies are connected to each other.Due to this there are many supernatural phenomenon that happen around the mountain especially in the Mansarovar lake.

Kailash mountain and the area surrounding it is filled with such mystical facts which can noway be explained and can only be witnessed and experienced .

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