Seetha Kalyana Viabhogame Lyrics and Meaning

Composer : Sage Thyagaraja
Translated by : P.R. Ramachander

Context- This song describes the unachievable quality of Lord Rama . It can be sung anytime during the marriage .

This song is also sung sometimes as Gowri Kalyan Vaibhogame.

Raga : Sankarabharanam
Tala : Kandalaghu


Sita Kalyana Vaibhogame 
Rama Kalyana Vaibhogame

Translation : The great celebration of the marriage of Sita . The great celebration of marriage of Rama. 


Pavanaja Stuti Patra Pavana Charitra
Ravi Soma Vara Netra Ramaniya Gatra (Sita)

Translation : He who is praised by Hanuman , the son of wind .He who has a very holy story . He whose eyes are the sun and the moon . He who has a very pretty body . 


1.Bhakta Jana Paripala Bharita Zara Jala
Bhukti Mukti-Da Lila Bhu-Deva Pala

1. He who takes cares of the need of the devotees .He whose arrow case is full of arrows ,he who gives salvation to devotees ,he who looked after earth just like a play .

2.Pamarasura Bhima Paripurna Kama
Shyama JagadAbhirama Saketa Dhama

2. He who appeared great to common  men and devas . He who is desired by people who are full ,he who is black and prettiest in the world , he who lived in Ayodhya Pattana. 

3.Sarva Loka Dhara Samaraika Veera
Garva Manasa Dura Kanakaga Dhira

3,.He who is the basis of all the world.
He who is the great hero of war,
He who is far away from proud people,
He who is a golden one with courage

4.Nigamagama Vihara Nir-Upama Zarira
Naga Dharagha Vidara Nata Lokadhara

4.He who lives in sacred books and Vedas,
He who has an incomparable body,
He who is the soul of great Ragas,
He who takes care of devotees

5.Paramesa Nuta Gita, Bhava Jaladhi Pota
Tarani Kula Sajjata Tyagaraja Nuta

5.He who is sung in prayers by Lord Shiva himself,
He who removes the problems of domestic life
He who understands the human beings,
And is sung by sage Thyagaraja.

Excerpt– It is interesting that the song describes the quality of Shree Ram , and yet it is named Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame. We are built in a society that keep women as primary and respect them as the soul life givers . No Telugu wedding ceremony is complete without this Tyagaraja krithi. Sita and Rama suffered through hardship, longing and insult throughout their youth and middle age. Yet, they abided by dharma and never wavered from their love for each other – an important lesson from their life.

Jai Siya Ram!

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