Strength of Lord Rama

Lord Rama

Lord Ram is the most ferocious warrior ever born , his archery skills are unmatched in the three worlds. He possessed immense strength and his arrows were so fast that they could not be seen through eyes. It could only be observed when the target got pierced to pieces.

Here are some examples which describes the mightiness of Rama, from Ramayana:

1.Sita’s swayamvar{Bala Kand}

During the even of Sita’s swayamvar Lord Rama lifted the bow single handedly , which was otherwise moved by the combined effort of 300 men .Tulsidas ji describes this event that Rama lifted the bow and in an attempt to string it, he broke it into two pieces just like a baby elephant breaks the stick of sugarcane.

2.Yajna of Sage Vishwamitra{Bala Kand}

 On the sixth day of the Yajna, Maricha and his brother Subahu, with a hoard of rakshasas (demons) tried to destroy the yajna fire by showering it with blood and flesh. Lord Rama fired his manavastra (which could send its entire target miles away) from his bow. The arrow struck Maricha’s chest and threw him a hundred leagues away, into the ocean. In another version, Maricha fled to the ocean just by hearing the sound of Rama’s bow.

3.Sugriva tests Rama strength{ Kishkindha Kand}

In order to test the strength of Lord Sugriva asked Rama to pass two tests , one was to throw a dundhubhi skeleton one yojana away(14.6km).Rama lifted the skeleton and threw it effortlessly . The skeleton disappeared in the sky falling ten yojanas away. The second one was to pierce one of the seven sal tree , with his arrow.When Rama shot his arrow it pierced all of the seven sal trees at one go.Sugriva was shocked to see this valour of Lord.

4.Khara and Dushana{Aranya Kand}

When the fourteen warriors sent by Khara and Dushana were killed by Rama, Suparnakha reported it back to Khara.Khara got his chariot prepared and selected fourteen thousand warriors to accompany him along with Dushana.This was a deadly fight in which Lord Ram alone single handedly destroyed the force of fourteen thousands Asuras.Even the celestial Gods were eager to see this fight. One of the demon called Akampana, who survived the attack , rushed to Lanka to inform Ravana.

5.Final fight with Ravana{Yuddha Kand}

In the first fight Ravana could not even see the arrows of Rama due to their immense speed. His chariot was totally burned  At this juncture Lord Rama took pity on Ravana and asked him to come the next day to fight .Ravana lost his pride and returned ashamed to Lanka.

Key Take Aways

Although there are multiple incidents in Ramayana which describes the valour of Lord but the real power and strength of Rama lies in his behaviour, his character, his forgiving attitude. He never lost his temper even in the most dreadful situations.

The principle that Lord Rama followed throughout his life was to protect anyone who truly surrendered unto him even if he was his enemy.He even decided to forgive Ravana if he could return Sita with all due respect .

This ever forgiving value of Rama makes him the ‘Maryada Purushottam’.

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