Why Krishna did not stop the game of gamble


When Yudhisthira was playing the game of dice with Duryodhana ,he lost every game .He lost his kingdom ,his wealth ,his brothers and at last his wife Draupadi. Draupadi was held with her hairs infront of everyone in the court and disrobed . At last her modesty was saved by Shree Krishna ,who bound Draupadi with a cloth of infinite length ,with his divine power . Now Uddhav ,who was a student as well as friend of Krishna wanted to know that ,why Krishna ,who knew everything ,the past ,present and future did not help Pandavas while they were losing all the games of dice.


Once Uddhav and Krishna were sitting together after the war of Kurukshetra . Krishna says to Uddhav

"You have been with me since my childhood ,and in this manifestation of mine many people have recieved boons from me, Uddhav, why don't you ask something from me . 
Let me complete this avatar with the satisfaction of doing something good for you also."

Udhav says”

O lord throughout your life you have always advised us to live in one way, but you lived in many ways.
In the drama of Mahabharata, in the ideas you preached, I did not understand many things, I am thus curious as well as confused.
The Pandavas trusted you as a great friend and they considered you as the protector from all difficulties, then why you did not save them when Draupadi was disrobed in front of everyone.
O Lord you are the controller of everything, you could have intervened with your divine power and caused the dice to roll in a different way. 
You did not protect Draupadi's modesty then how can you even claim to be a great friend to Pandavas?"

As Udhav asked these questions tears started rolling from his eyes.


Krishna replies that none of the Pandavas called for his help when they were losing everything, he was just waiting outside the hall for someone to call him. Finally, Draupadi called him when she was disrobed, and he reached as soon as he was called . Krishna says

"The rule of this world is that the one who has Vivek wins. Duryodhana had Vivek, while Yudhishthira lacked it. Yudhishthira tied me with his prayers and I could not enter the hall. Uddhav in this world everyone proceeds based on his karma, i neither interfere in it nor do I run it. I am just a witness to everything "

Uddhav says

 " So in this way, you will stand close to us and observe our sins, you want us to accumulate sins and suffer ?" Krishna replies" Udhav please understand my statement in depth, when you realize that i am always present with you as a witness, how can you commit a sin? the problem starts when you forget this and act."

Udhav was completely in awe by listening to the wonderful explanation of Keshava.


This shows that our belief in God as the protector from all difficulties is the strongest connection with him, neither the rituals nor the sacrifices are worth it when there is no faith in the supreme Lord.

Hare Krishna!!!

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