Samudra Manthan and its Outcome

Samudra Manthan

We all have heard about the popular event of Samudra Manthan and lord shiva drinking the deadly poison. But what is the actual story behind the complete event and what is its outcome?


Once devas and asuras decided to churn out the ocean of milk {Kshira sagar}, to prove the supremacy among them . The churning stick was Mandra mountain on the back of Kurma ( an epical tortoise). The rope needed to churn was the Vashuki (multiple-headed king of snakes of Lord Vishnu). Lord Vishnu sat on the pivot. All the devas on one side and on the other side were asuras .

When the churning of the Sagar reached its peak, there was a formation of a deadly scum, which was the poison,HalaHal. This poison was supposed to be consumed by someone or everyone was going to be in trouble. But all of them were reluctant to do so. Lord Shiva came to rescue and he took the Vish in his mouth but did not swallow it and kept it in the throat static. Hence his throat turned out blue due to the effect of poison. Since then he is also known as NeelKanth ( Having blue throat) .


14 Ratnas were produced as a result of Samudra Manthan which are as follows:

1. ‘Chandra’ ( Moon)
2. ‘Parijat’, a tree in the Paradise of Lord Indra
3. ‘Airavat’, a multi-tusked elephant for again Lord Indra
4. ‘Kamadhenu’ , a cow that provides desired objects
5. ‘Uchchaihsravas’ the white horse for Lord Indra
6. ‘Sankha’ the conch of Lord Vishnu used for victory
7. ‘Gada’
8. ‘Laxmi’, goddess of wealth
9. ‘Rambha’, the apsara (celestial beauty) for heaven
10. ‘Ratnas’, ( gems and jewel )
11. ‘Kalpavriksha, a tree fulfilling one’s wishes
12. ‘Dhanwantari’, the physician for all Gods.
13. ‘Mada, a goddess
14. ‘Amrit’ (the nectar drinking which one becomes immortal) in a golden chalice ( Kumbha).

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